Stephen Fry releases the second volume of his memoires, The Fry Chronicles

Stephen Fry Live - Oxford 2010 - Release of Stephen Fry's new book, The Fry Chronicles

We went to Oxford to see Stephen Fry talk about his new book, The Fry Chronicles at the New Theatre.

The show was an example of Stephen Fry as the consummate raconteur. Note free, with only a lectern and 7 blue lights on the stage, Fry talked freely for over an hour and half about some of the episodes from his life. Even though you can argue that he knew his subject, Fry seemed perfectly comfortable and at home on stage, chatting with the couple of thousand people sitting staring at him. But, this seems to be the opposite of his real feelings. His new book, The Fry Chronicles, part two of his autobiography, goes to gloriously wordy lengths to explain the pain, anguish and torment that Stephen Fry experiences constantly about his performances, writings and shows.

Stephen Fry Live - Oxford 2010 - Release of Stephen Fry's new book, The Fry ChroniclesAlthough Stephen’s torment may know no bounds, he still seems to get on and do a lot of it. Stephen Fry is everywhere we look, read or listen at the moment, something for which he apologises on his blog. If Fry is uncomfortable before every performance or publication, there must be a certain masochism in his actions as he produces material daily, in fact hourly, with his tweets and online updates. And the material he produces is not safe and comfortable platitudes like this piece. His Fry’s Chronicles is heralded as an open and painfully honest recollection and explanation of things that  may of us would want to keep firmly locked up in our closets.

What’s more, he makes it all very easy to get hold off too. Not just a simple print run for Mr Fry. He has released his book as an eBook, an iBook, and Audio Book and as a ground breaking iPhone App as week as the traditional paper and ink we expect.

Stephen Fry's Autobiography - The Fry ChroniclesPick up a copy of part 2 of Stephen Fry’s autobiography, The Fry Chronicles at

Buy The Fry Chronicles for £Price Not Available.

In January 2010, Stephen Fry was awarded the Special Recognition Award at the National Television Awards. This memoir details some of the most turbulent and least well known years of his life with writing.

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