The BAFTA TV Awards 2011

Our highlights of the nominations for the 2011 British Academy Television awards. The Awards will take place on 22 May at London’s Grosvenor House.

Leading Actor:

Jim Broadbent – Any Human Heart

Benedict Cumberbatch – Sherlock

Daniel Rigby – Eric and Ernie

Matt Smith – Doctor Who Verdict – Matt Smith

You just can’t bet against the Doctor! Arguably one of the biggest shows on UK television at the moment. Whether Matt Smith is your favourite incarnation of the Doctor or not, his performances have continued to grow the popularity of the series.

Leading Actress:

Anna Maxwell Martin – South Riding

Vicky McClure -This Is England ’86

Natalie Press – Five Daughters

Juliet Stevenson – Accused Verdict – Vicky McClure

This Is England ’86 was a superb mini-series follow up to the cult film This Is England. Set 3 years after the initial film the series was just as hard-hitting and ground-breaking as the much loved original film.

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Supporting Actor

Brendan Coyle – Downton Abbey

Martin Freeman – Sherlock

Johnny Harris – This Is England ’86

Robert Sheehan – Misfits Verdict – Robert Sheehan

This year has seen the rise of the show Misfits, having returned for a second series it managed to emulate the success of other teenage orientated shows such as Skins and The Inbetweeners. Robert Sheehan’s cheeky performances has earned him many plaudits as well as roles on the big screen.

Supporting Actress

Gillian Anderson – Any Human Heart

Lynda Baron – The Road to Coronation Street

Lauren Socha – Misfits

Jessie Wallace – The Road to Coronation Street Verdict – Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson is probably best known for her appearances as Dana Scully in The X-Files. In Any Human Heart she plays Wallis aka. The Duchess of Windsor, whilst surrounded by an all-star cast she still manages to put in star performances.

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Female Performance in a Comedy Programme

Jo Brand – Getting On

Dawn French – Roger and Val Have Just Got In

Miranda Hart – Miranda

Katherine Parkinson – The IT Crowd Verdict – Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart has been rising as the undisputed Queen of British Comedy these last couple of years. Having already picked up 3 British Comedy Awards this year, she is hard to rule out but she faces tough competition from established comedy legends in the form of Jo Brand and Dawn French.

Male Performance in a Comedy Programme

James Buckley – The Inbetweeners

Steve Coogan – The Trip

Tom Hollander – Rev

David Mitchell – Peep Show Verdict – James Buckley

The Inbetweeners was an instant phenomenon when it started back in 2008. Schools and Offices were instantly filled with the hilarious catchphrases that had spawned from the show. 3 Series in and the material has managed to stay as fresh and funny as ever. James Buckley plays every one’s favourite character Jay in the show and is well deserving of this award.


Entertainment Performance

Rob Brydon – The Rob Brydon Show

Stephen Fry – QI

Harry Hill – Harry Hill’s TV Burp

Graham Norton – The Graham Norton Show Verdict -Harry Hill

A particularly hard award to call. As much as I am a fan of Rob Brydon I didn’t find his new show as enjoyable as his previous work, had the potential to be a better version of the Jonathon Ross’ show but failed to live up it. Stephen Fry remains as solid as ever in his role as ‘ring leader’ on the panel show QI, but the long running show is beginning to get a little repetitive for my liking. Graham Norton = Marmite, you either love him or detest him, enough said. Harry Hill on the other hand has remained consistently funny over the years and I think will just about scrape the win.


Boardwalk Empire


The Killing

Mad Men Verdict – Glee

Yes I know what you are thinking… the other 3 contenders (and nearly everything else on TV) are infinitely better than Glee, but what can you do? It’s run-away popularity and die-hard fans make it a certain favourite for this award. And if it doesn’t win the award I won’t be too upset with my incorrect guess!


Comedy Programme

Catherine Tate’s Little Cracker

Come Fly With Me


Harry and Paul Verdict – Come Fly With Me

After Matt Lucas & David Walliams hit TV show Little Britain, their next project was always going to face a high level of scrutiny. They increased the pressure on the show ten-fold by broadcasting the pilot (excuse the pun) episode on Christmas Day. Whilst the show was not to everyone’s taste, the show still received critical acclaim and maintained high viewing figures.

Situation Comedy

Mrs Brown’s Boys

Peep Show


The Trip Verdict – Peep Show

Peep Show, 100% without doubt my favourite thing on UK television at the moment (Curse ITV2 for dropping Entourage!). Now heading towards it’s 8th season the popularity of the series has gone from strength to strength. The uniqueness of the POV camera style and the ability to relate to the real life situations are the culminating factors of its success.


For a full list of nominees see  The Official BAFTA Website

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Lego Star Wars Limited Edition 2011 Collectors Poster Competition

We have 8 Lego Star Wars Limited Edition 2011 Collectors Posters to Give Away! Lego have released a limited edition poster showing all of the Star Wars Lego Mini Figures and it looks awesome. On the reverse side there is a limited edition print run number. Only 50,000 have been printed.

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We spotted this Video on the BBC website of an artist who has created a 22ft model of the USS warship Intrepid using 250,000 pieces of Lego! This got me thinking, if you could build anything out of Lego what would it be?

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      The Return of the 90’s

      This month has seen the announcement for the return of the Bill & Ted Film Series and TV Show Red Dwarf. Keanu Reeves himself broke the Bill & Ted news, confirming that writing of the script was in progress. Red Dwarf has been confirmed to hit TV screens in November, with the majority of the original cast to return. Both enjoyed the majority of their success in the 1990’s and have achieved a cult status associated with the decade. This got myself (and most of the office) reminiscing about all the great and not so great moments and trends from the 90’s, it wasn’t long before we realised that a lot of things from the decade are making a come-back soon or have already within the last few years.

      So what else is there to look forward to help continue this 90’s revival….


      Duke Nukem- Duke Nukem Forever: “The alien hordes are back and only Duke can save the world, again”. The greatly anticipated and delayed games series returns this year, with outings on the PS3, XBox 360 and PC. Expect outrageous story-lines and over the top weaponry, this will be a hit.


      Mortal Kombat- Mortal Kombat: The Arcade Fighting sensation, released in 1992, returns on PS3 & XBox 360 in what is being billed as ‘a return to the series’ roots’. More brutal than ever, perhaps not every-one’s cup of tea but hard to ignore for any serious gamer.



      Blur- Blur: If one word could sum up the 90’s musically it would be – ‘Britpop’. Along with Oasis, Blur were the undisputed (let the arguments begin again) Kings of the genre. Whilst there is no concrete information it is very strongly rumoured that Blur will release a full studio album this year, the first time all 4 original members have recorded together in over a decade!

      Blink 182- Blink 182: No date for their new album either but some strong words from band members. Tom DeLonge – the record will “absolutely” be out in time for the U.K. tour this summer and that Blink “will not tour if there is no record”. Travis Barker – “I think we’ll turn in our album in June or July, honestly… It’s coming close, to the point where these are completed songs and they’re not going to change.


      Rock Chips- Rock & Chips: Whilst it’s common place for films to get a prequel, it is slightly rarer for TV shows. Rock & Chips began airing last year, it portrays the childhood of one Derek ‘Del-Boy’ Trotter before he became the lovable wheeler-dealer we grew to love in the show Only Fools and Horses. 2 episodes have already aired to much acclaim and a third is due on the 24th April.

      Scream- Scream 4: Back in 1996 we were all taught how to survive if you ever wound up in a horror movie. Two sequels closely followed with great box office success. The Trilogy poked fun at the linear and predictable story-lines that many previous slasher films had followed. This weekend sees the U.K. release of the franchise’s 4th film, whether there is still any innovation to been found in the series remains to be seen, but something tells me it will be worth a watch.


      So is the 1990’s revival well and truly on? I hope so, bring back Wayne’s World, Will Smith’s rap career and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles too!

      Comment below and tell us what you want to see return from this glorious decade.


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