Lego Star Wars Limited Edition 2011 Collectors Poster Competition

We have 8 Lego Star Wars Limited Edition 2011 Collectors Posters to Give Away! Lego have released a limited edition poster showing all of the Star Wars Lego Mini Figures and it looks awesome. On the reverse side there is a limited edition print run number. Only 50,000 have been printed.

Lego Poster

We spotted this Video on the BBC website of an artist who has created a 22ft model of the USS warship Intrepid using 250,000 pieces of Lego! This got me thinking, if you could build anything out of Lego what would it be?

There were some brilliant ideas and it was a very tough task to pick the best 8, but after much deliberation the Winners are:

1. @ianH65 – Twitter
2. @nipperthedog – Twitter
3. @beclee09 – Twitter
4. @mirpkered – Twitter
5. @kevcroc – Twitter
6.Stuart O’Connor – Facebook
7.Lucy Zelazowski – Facebook
8.Lisa Williams – Facebook

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