GameGadget – “Go Anywhere – Play Everything”

Is this the iPod for retro gamers? Introducing The GameGadget, the latest handheld games console vying for a slice of the mobile games market.











You might look at the GameGadget and think “oh it’s just another gameboy-esque device in an already over subscribed market”, but let me explain why this console might actually have the potential to make some real waves.

Running a version of the Linux operating system, the main idea is to create an open-source games community, where games can be created and sold through a central marketplace. Designed to support 16 & 32 bit games and with an expandable SD Card slot, there is the potential for you to carry around 1,000’s of retro and classic games in your pocket.

The GameGadget is available on launch (30/03/2012) at the price of £74.99.  Games will range from £1.49 to £1.99 and packs 10-15 games for just tenner.

As yet it’s hard to say how much of a success it will be, and will rely heavily on how fast the community grows, but it has the potential to really shake up the mobile gaming scene.

For full technical details view the product at



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