Introducing The BabyPing

Introducing the BabyPing Wi-Fi Baby Video Monitor designed for use with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


Smart Filter™

Unique filter to cut out static and background noise and allow you to hear what really matters in unsurpassed quality.


Stay in constant touch with your baby, app can run in the background and then alert you even if you are playing a game or making a call.

Simple to use & setup

Only requires a few minutes and 5 steps to setup and streamlined menus allow for intuitive use.

Invisible night vision

Automatic night vision that produces no light or glow, therefore not disturbing your baby’s sleep.

Zero Interference

According to Ofcom the number one source of Wi-Fi interference in urban areas is down to baby monitor, because BabyPing uses your home Wi-Fi network it will not intefer with your or anyone else’s Wi-fi.

Double-layer security

No need to worry about someone accidentally picking up your signal, leading encryption methods, plus password protection, insures you have total control over who can access your monitor.

Alerts to suit you

A crying baby in the middle of the night echoing through a baby monitor can disturb an entire household, so the BabyPing app allows you to go into vibrate or silent mode, so you can be alerted how you want to be.

Full colour video

Equipped with a high resolution camera, allowing you to see your baby clearly. Thanks to its invisible night vision, even pictures in complete darkness have clarity and definition that puts traditional baby monitors to shame.

No computer needed

No computer is needed to setup your network, everything is done straight from your desired iOS device. There is no need to alter your existing Wi-Fi network either.

Buy BabyPing Wi-Fi Baby Video Monitor for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
BabyPing is a high quality video baby monitor for use with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, allowing parents to utilise the latest technology to see and hear their baby 24/7 through a secure, interference-free, wireless WiFi. Combining a Wi-Fi video and audio device, our free dedicated app, and the power of the Apple iOS devices, parents can now enjoy using a functional sleek product that fits in to their lifestyle.

BabyPing Wi-Fi Baby Video Monitor

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