The 84th Academy Awards

2012 Oscars

Last week saw the announcement of the nominations for The 84th Academy Awards – or as most people know them, The Oscars.

Due to take place on the 26th of February, the nominations for this year’s event featured no real major surprises. The highly critically acclaimed films Hugo and The Artist, as expected, picked up the majority of the nominations. If you were looking for a shock, then it could be argued that the movie Drive starring Ryan Gosling deserved some recognition and that for the first time in long while a Disney/Pixar animation has not featured in the shortlist, but other than these everything was predominately as expected.

Here at the mention of the Oscars always get’s the office reminiscing about previous Academy Award winning films. With so many great films in the last 83 years we have compiled a list of all our favourite winners that we recommend you see at least once. Check them out here


Harry Potter Competition

So today is the day every Harry Potter fan has been wating for (or dreading!). Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 has finally made its cinematic debut marking the end of one of the biggest film franchises in history. To celebrate the films release we have a special #FreebieFriday Give Away for our Facebook & Twitter followers!

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Good luck and the Winners will be drawn on Monday 18th July.

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The Return of the 90’s

This month has seen the announcement for the return of the Bill & Ted Film Series and TV Show Red Dwarf. Keanu Reeves himself broke the Bill & Ted news, confirming that writing of the script was in progress. Red Dwarf has been confirmed to hit TV screens in November, with the majority of the original cast to return. Both enjoyed the majority of their success in the 1990’s and have achieved a cult status associated with the decade. This got myself (and most of the office) reminiscing about all the great and not so great moments and trends from the 90’s, it wasn’t long before we realised that a lot of things from the decade are making a come-back soon or have already within the last few years.

So what else is there to look forward to help continue this 90’s revival….


Duke Nukem- Duke Nukem Forever: “The alien hordes are back and only Duke can save the world, again”. The greatly anticipated and delayed games series returns this year, with outings on the PS3, XBox 360 and PC. Expect outrageous story-lines and over the top weaponry, this will be a hit.


Mortal Kombat- Mortal Kombat: The Arcade Fighting sensation, released in 1992, returns on PS3 & XBox 360 in what is being billed as ‘a return to the series’ roots’. More brutal than ever, perhaps not every-one’s cup of tea but hard to ignore for any serious gamer.



Blur- Blur: If one word could sum up the 90’s musically it would be – ‘Britpop’. Along with Oasis, Blur were the undisputed (let the arguments begin again) Kings of the genre. Whilst there is no concrete information it is very strongly rumoured that Blur will release a full studio album this year, the first time all 4 original members have recorded together in over a decade!

Blink 182- Blink 182: No date for their new album either but some strong words from band members. Tom DeLonge – the record will “absolutely” be out in time for the U.K. tour this summer and that Blink “will not tour if there is no record”. Travis Barker – “I think we’ll turn in our album in June or July, honestly… It’s coming close, to the point where these are completed songs and they’re not going to change.


Rock Chips- Rock & Chips: Whilst it’s common place for films to get a prequel, it is slightly rarer for TV shows. Rock & Chips began airing last year, it portrays the childhood of one Derek ‘Del-Boy’ Trotter before he became the lovable wheeler-dealer we grew to love in the show Only Fools and Horses. 2 episodes have already aired to much acclaim and a third is due on the 24th April.

Scream- Scream 4: Back in 1996 we were all taught how to survive if you ever wound up in a horror movie. Two sequels closely followed with great box office success. The Trilogy poked fun at the linear and predictable story-lines that many previous slasher films had followed. This weekend sees the U.K. release of the franchise’s 4th film, whether there is still any innovation to been found in the series remains to be seen, but something tells me it will be worth a watch.


So is the 1990’s revival well and truly on? I hope so, bring back Wayne’s World, Will Smith’s rap career and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles too!

Comment below and tell us what you want to see return from this glorious decade.


Top Gun 2! I am The Goose!

Tom Cruise to have cameo role in the Top Gun 2, the sequel to Top GunComments are a-plenty that Paramount have given the go-ahead to make a sequel to the Tom Cruise Classic, Top Gun. Top Gun 2 or Top Gun the sequel will see our hottest flying Ace, Maverick, handing over the baton to the next Top Gun in what is being reported as a cameo appearance.

The inter-webs are also a flutter with talk of Cruise’s latest performances lacking the pulling power that Cruise has historically commanded as the uber A-List celebrity. His recent release of Knight and Day stalled at the box office being beaten by Toy Story 3 and Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups! Knight and Day is being reported as one of Cruise’s weakest film openings ever alongside Lions For Lambs from 2007.

Does this mean that Tom is finally cashing in the pension? Taking the family jewels that have been in the bank forever and having them valued at the local pawnbroker’s. How many more Mission Impolssible movies can he make and I dont think there will be the same interest for another Days Of Thunder.

Meanwhile, it’s time to look up the Ray Ban site and select a new pair of Aviators while we wait for final filming dates for Top Gun 2. It’ll be a whole 80s revival with Top Gun logo T-Shirts being seen everywhere.

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I don’t remember Ron Weasley looking like this! Ron looks hot in new Harry Potter 7 Posters

Remember the first Harry Potter movie? Everyone looked so cute, but, let’s face it, on a scale of cuteness, Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley was more of your big eared, ginger haired, awwwww poor boy, kind of cute compared to Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson’s, so cute you could take them home kind of cute.

Rupert Grint looks hot as Ron Weasley in the new Harry Potter 7 movie postersBut oh, how the tables have turned though.

The latest posters for Harry Potter 7 have been released and Rupert is looking hotter than front-enhancing male underwear. D

Poor Daniel doesn’t come anywhere near as close on the twilight-esque dark broody handsomeness that our new heartthrob Rupert is able to pull off. Even gorgeous Emma Watson doesn’t come out of the grungy dark look photos as well as she usually does leaving Ron looking like the new boy man to watch.

The only other character that can shake a stick at his brooding bad boy good lucks is Snape! Yes Snape. It seems that no one wants cute good guys these days. Sine we all went vampire story mad for Twilight, it’s the darker underdog characters that are winning the girls and the boys hearts.

Perhaps it’s time for Harry to update those glasses, but perhaps that’s an unacceptable comment today, on John Lennon’s 70th birthday!

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter in the Twilight style poster for the  latest Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter 7Emma Watson as Hermione in the Twilight style poster for the  latest Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter 7Alan Rickman as Sanpe in the Twilight style poster for the  latest Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter 7


Secret Cinema – Lawrence Of Arabia at Alexandra Palce

Lawrence Of Arabia comes to Alexandra Palace thanks to Secret Cinema

Alexandra Palace became Arabia for a weekend as I went to the latest production from Secret Cinema, a screening of the epic movie, Lawrence Of Arabia.

Sellers in the Arabian Souck or Market at Secret Cinema's screening of Lawrence of Arabia at Alexandra Palace.Inside the Arabian Souk or Market at Secret Cinema's screening of Lawrence of Arabia at Alexandra Palace.A Secret Cinema Movie-Goer inside the Arabian Souk or Market at Secret Cinema's screening of Lawrence of Arabia at Alexandra Palace.The desert of Arabia recreated by Secret Cinema at their screening of Lawrence of Arbia at Alexandra PalaceEntering the Souk or Market recreated by Secret Cinema at their screening of Lawrence of Arbia at Alexandra PalaceArabian food at the Secret Cinema screening of Lawrence of Arabia at Alexandra PalaceEntering the Souk at Secret Cinema's screening of Lawrence of Arabia at Alexandra PalaceSecret Cinema doesn’t just play movies though and they don’t just throw up some movie related paraphernalia. The whole world that the movie is based on is recreated for the movie-goer to explore and experience for several hours before the movie starts. And the twist, no one knows what the movie will be until they arrive.

Secret Cinema has been running events like this since 2008 and where originally, the whole event might have been secret, now, the secret is definitely out with 1,000s of Secret Cinema fans flocking to Ally Pally over the weekend. Secret Cinema maintain the air of mystery and their “Tell No One!” philosophy by keeping the details of the production secret until the last minute. I bought tickets for the event at the beginning of August when nobody knew what the movie would be or where it would be screened. The mystery was perpetuated as Secret Cinema began to converse with everyone who had bought tickets in the character of the movie they would show, releasing clues and hints along the way. The name of the movie is never confirmed, but 4 days before the screening, I am finally told where it will be and what I should bring and wear. The list included Bedouin Dress, Cushions, Rugs, Musical Instruments and something to barter with.

At the last Secret Cinema event I attended we were all asked to wear goggles and to bring an umbrella. Almost everyone did and it was an amazing sight to see Canary Wharf filled with people wearing all manner of goggles as London’s bankers tried to figure out what was going on.

At this event, the organisers had hit on an even better and easier theme. Arabia and Bedouin dress. Basically, bedsheets and tea-towels. This easy to create outfit meant that almost everyone was dressed up in some way and on Friday evening Twitter was awash with people asking why there were 100’s of school nativity play rejects filling the the underground, as 1,000s of bedsheet bedouins made their way to Alexandra Palace.

When we did arrive we were greeted by live camels and donkeys, by cheeky Bedouin looking for members of their tribe and by tribal leaders on horseback, rallying the newly arrived followers to prepare for our journey and to fight to the death.

Inside Alexandra Palace, a sprawling Arabian souk or market had been recreated alongside an endless desert and a bazarre with a live band and entertainment. The pace was crowded and buzzing as people pushed through the market. Even carrying our cushions and rugs made us fell like the travelling bedouin, moving to our next camp, carrying our belongings with us and buying food in the local market so that we could eat when we settled down. We did settle down but only after a couple of hours of enjoying the Arabian experience that Secret Cinema had put together.

Settling down for the movie involved laying out our rugs and cushions in front of the enormous screen set up in Ally Pally’s West Hall. With our food and drink from the market and our small camp prepared we thought the movie was all that was left, that is, until Lawrence rode into the middle of the hall atop a large Camel! He had come to stop the bickering between the tribal leaders and at the same time, he finally confirmed tonight’s movie, the 1962 epic, Lawrence Of Arabia. After an uplifting speech, he lead the tribal leaders and his camel from the hall and the movie began with the whole hall cheering ans whistling as the opening credits rolled. Secret Cinema’s build up to the event had been superb.

I’d like to recommend that everyone takes the opportunity to check out Secret Cinema and to sign up for their next event, but, I can’t. I’m sworn to secrecy and because of this I can tell no one of this extraordinary method of bringing classic movies back to life.


Lawrence of Arabia 2 Disk DVDLawrence Of Arabia is an epic and I sat for the full 218 minutes (they even had an intermission it was that long), but lots of people couldn’t last that long or had to leave to get trains before they stopped for the night. If you missed it, or, if you’re intrigued by the story and want to see what we all enjoyed, you can buy Lawrence Of Arabia on DVD at the great price of £Price Not Available with free UK delivery from

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