Freebie Friday! Tron Messenger Bag Competition

Tron BagNext Monday (18/4/2011) is the release of Tron: Legacy on Blu-ray & DVD! To celebrate this we have 10 Tron Messenger Bags to Give Away to 10 Lucky Winners!



The winners are:

1. @bennygillham
2. @obscuremetaphor
3. @bibibobka
4. @Mooncheese78
6. @msedeanhead
7. @BananaDumplings
8. @ritamistry
9. @dazfd
10. @grugyme

Lego Ninjago – Lightning Give Away

Ninjago JayTo celebrate the release of LEGO Ninjago – The Videogame on Nintendo DS today, we have 22 Jay (Blue Ninja) – Lego Ninjago Minifigures to give away!

The Lucky Winners are…..

  1. @sweetzilla
  2. @iMediums
  3. @Floyd_Kraemer
  4. @CorkyP1g
  5. @V1cki_Lou
  6. @bev_metallica
  7. @Rong61
  8. @Dreaded_Moose
  9. @wulanjog
  10. @Lanky_Feck
  11. @abaaarnes
  12. @zimpirate
  13. @phyllgerry
  14. @shazpaz
  15. @maxtweenie
  16. @DanielCake
  17. @emilyh13
  18. @melspur
  19. @Kath_w_r
  20. @SlaptArze
  21. @TheAmorousPrawn
  22. @Pinkbling11

Congratulations to all listed above! If you are one of the lucky winners could you please send me a Direct Message on Twitter telling me your Name & Address so we can ship you your prize.


      Freebie Friday! James Bond Ultimate DVD Competition

      Another Friday is upon us, and that means it’s Freebie Friday here at! With all this hot weather we have had this week we thought it was time to cool things down with arguably the ‘King of Cool’ – James Bond.

      James Bond CollectionWe are giving away a James Bond Ultimate DVD Collectors Box Set. This set contains 21 James Bond films from Dr. No to Casino Royale, and each film comes with a complete second disc of amazing special features.  For full product details click the link below…..

      James Bond Complete Collection (42-discs) – (Ok so it’s not quite complete but ‘Quantum of Solace’ & ‘Never Say Never Again’ weren’t that great anyway!)


      For your chance to win this fantastic prize all you need to do is Follow @base_com on Twitter and Retweet this message.

      Good luck and the winner will be drawn on Monday.


      Mother’s Day Gift Competition

      Have you found the perfect present yet for Mother’s Day this Sunday? Well here at we are offering you the chance to win an ideal gift.

      We are giving away a Winter in Venice – Lavender Bath Tub Gift SetWinter in Venice Lavender Bath Tub Gift Set to one lucky winner.

      To enter all you need to do is:

      1.Follow us on Twitter

      2.Find your favourite fragrance that we sell on

      3. Retweet this message filling in the ‘gap’ with your favourite fragrance’s name.


      **Mystery Gift Competition**

      For a second chance to win an ideal Mother’s Day gift tells us:

      - Which Health & Beauty product on states This gift is perfect for the gardening enthusiast” in the description?

      To enter:

      1. Follow us on Twitter

      2. Tweet @base_com the mystery product’s name with the hash-tag #BaseMysteryGift

      Freebie Friday! Win a copy of Killzone 3 on PS3

      We have 1 of 2 copies of the fantastic Killzone 3 on PS3 to give away.

      Killzone 3 Continuing from Killzone 2, players find Emperor Visari, the viscious dictator of the Helghast, dead at the feet of Sev and Rico. However this war is far from won. In the wake of Visari’s death, Helghan has devolved into a world of political scheming, rapid infighting, and murder. Now, the two most powerful men on Helghan are fighting for complete and utter dominance while Visari’s vision of Helghan is in jeopardy. With limited supplies and no re-enforcements, the ISA must now fight not to win a war, but to survive a lost one.

      Not only does the game utilise the Playstation Move hardware to good effect, it also has support for full stereoscopic 3D gameplay.

      TO ENTER this competition all you’ll need to do is  follow us on Twitter and retweet This Message to enter the competition*.

      * By entering this competition you are declaring that you are 18 years or over.


      Win one of 4 Angry Birds Plush Toys

      We’re giving away 4 Angry Birds Plush Toys on Twitter to celebrate the launch of the latest Angry Birds Game, Angry Birds Rio, in the iPhone App Store.

      Angry Birds Plush Toy - Red BirdAngry Birds Plush Toy - Black BirdAngry Birds Plush Toy - Yellow Bird

      We have

      • 1 x 8″ Red Bird Plush Toy
      • 1 x 8″ Yellow Bird Plush Toy
      • 1 x 5″ Red Bird Plush Toy with sound
      • 1 x 5″ Black Bird Plush Toy with soound

      Angry Birds Rio - Giving away 4 Angry Birds Rio Plush ToysThe Angry Birds Rio game is based on the story from the upcoming Twentieth Century Fox animated movie, Rio, in which Blu, a pet parrot that never learned to fly and lives in domesticated bliss in America. Blu’s life changes when his owner discovers a possible mate for him and takes him to Rio De Janeiro to meet her. Nothing is ever simple and straightforward in animated movie land, and Blu and his potential mate, Jewel, are kidnapped.

      The Angry Birds Rio game follows this story and incorporates Angry Birds well loved demolition challenges, with 45 dedicated levels and unique twists based on the upcoming movie.

      To enter our prize you’ll need to follow us on Twitter and retweet This Message to enter the competition

      Super Scribblenauts Promotional Items Giveaway

      Super Scribblenauts Promotional Toys to be won at base.comWe have 30 Super Scribblenauts Promotional Items to give away. These toys are promotional items only and are not available to buy so they will be great collectors items, and, they are super cute too.

      Super Scribblenauts is the latest version of the game for the Nintendo DS where you write down what you want to happen or what you want to create and it appears. You do this to solve puzzles and to progress thorough the game. Saving a cat from a house roof can be as varied as using a mouse to scare him down or grabbing a ride on a magic carpet to reach the top.

      You can win

      1. A Super Scribblenauts Maxwell 3D figure with posable head and arms, including a  pencil and a book.
      2. A giant Super Scribblenauts pencil that really works

      Enter our competition on Twitter by following @base_com and tweeting the following message:

      Win 1 of 30 Super Scribblenauts 3D Maxwell or Giant Pencil Follow @base_com & retweet this message to enter

      Super Scribblenauts Promotional Toys to be won at base.comMaxwell, with his Rooster Hat, is the main character in the game. He is our hero and we have to help him solve the constant barrage of puzzles that he faces.

      Use the stylus and touch screen to help Maxwell acquire the “Starite,” the prize earned from solving the puzzle in even more robust challenges and redesigned levels

      Super Scribblenauts Promotional Toys to be won at base.comThe game is all about vocabulary and invention. If you want a big, red, polka dot, flying elephant then if you write it down, that is what the game will give you.

      Adjectives can change the colour, size, elements, behaviours and many other aspects of the object they are describing. Multiple adjectives can be combined together to produce incredibly creative objects, allowing the player’s imagination to run wild for a truly unique and individualistic experience.
      Buy Super Scribblenauts (Nintendo DS)

      You can buy Super Scribblenauts, a great fun and inventive educational game from

      Win our Halloween Horror Movie Box Set

      The B-Movie Horror DVD Collection, available to win friom base.comWin our Halloween B-<ovie DVD Box Set on Twitter

      It’s Halloween, well almost, but it’s not too early for a Halloween give-away.

      We have the B-Movie Horror DVD Collection containing 12 B-Movie horror flicks that will make any Halloween night even scarier.

      To enter the competition follow us on twitter and re-tweet the following message:

      Win a 12 Movie Horror DVD boxset in time for Halloween. Follow us & retweet this msg to enter. #halloween

      All of the following movies are included:

      Buy Elvira - The B Movie DVD Collection

      Elvira - Mistress of the Dark: Meet Elvira, the notorious American cult heroine! This wisecracking vamp wishes to open her own show in Las Vegas but needs $50,000. Suddenly her great aunt dies and Elvira goes to a conservative mid-west town to hear the reading of the will. Elvira discovers the evil force in the town and finds that only she has the power to stop it!

      Buy Return of the Killer Tomatoes - The B Movie DVD Collection

      Return of the Killer Tomatoes – 20 years on from the Great Tomato Wars, and red skins are still banned. But Professor Gangreen has made a fiendish discovery – how to turn tomatoes into perfect replicas of people. These tomatoes are really stewed and dangerous!

      Buy Night of the Living Dead - The B Movie DVD Collection

      Night of the Living Dead – A spill of radiation causes the recently deceased to rise from the grave and feast on the flesh of the living in this chilling classic. Now the dead and the living must fight against each other in a struggle for survival.

      Buy Hell Comes to Frogtown - The B Movie DVD Collection

      Hell Comes to Frogtown – Hell is a prisoner of the women who now run the USA after a nuclear/biological war that leaves the human race in danger of extinction due to infertility. Hell is given the task of helping in the rescue of a group of fertile women from the harem of the mutant leader.

      Buy Return to Horror High - The B Movie DVD Collection

      Return to Horror High – Producer Harry Sleerik wants to recreate the notorious Crippen High killings for the big screen using some of the school’s original employees to play themselves. But filming starts to go horribly wrong when, one by one, cast and crew begin to disappear.

      Buy Crocodile - The B Movie DVD Collection

      Crocodile – High school sweethearts Brady, Claire and six of their college friends board a houseboat for a fun-filled spring break vacation. But when they discover a nest of large eggs in the marshlands — and one of them can’t resist taking one back to the party — their weekend of fun-in-the-sun will turn into a weekend of terror!

      Buy Creature - The B Movie DVD Collection

      Creature – A family living around a naval research station experience shark attacks against their boat. When they investigate further they discover a half-man half-shark like creature. Based on the novel by Peter Benchley (Jaws).

      Buy The Stuff - The B Movie DVD Collection

      The Stuff - A satirical horror movie about a designer foodstuff that takes the public by storm… but are they eating it or is it eating them? Another cult classic from director Larry Cohen (It’s Alive, Black Caesar, Q – The Winged Serpent).

      Buy Slugs - The B Movie DVD Collection

      Slugs – An idyllic country community is shocked following the discovery of a mutilated corpse covered in slime. As the days go by, more horrific deaths take place, each one more repulsive than the last. They must discover the cause of these brutal murders before it’s too late.

      Buy Spiders - The B Movie DVD Collection

      Spiders - College newspaper reporter Marci and her colleagues head out to a restricted area of the desert to prove the existence of aliens. When the shuttle crash lands nearby they sneak into headquarters and stumble upon a secret, unauthorized experiment that has gone wrong: a spider on board that was injected with alien DNA is now on the loose…and each time it kills, it gets bigger and hungrier!

      Buy Rats - The B Movie DVD Collection

      Rats – The Brookdale Psychiatric Hospital is a crumbling institution which barely has enough money to remain open. Formerly a prison, it sits on top of a warren of tunnels and sewage system viaducts. But Brookdale has a secret, only known by one person. There is something living in the tunnels and it has developed a taste for human blood.

      Buy Octopus - The B Movie DVD Collection

      Octopus – An unknown object attacks the US submarine Roosevelt with devastating force and drags the vessel to the bottom of the ocean. What lies on the ocean bed beggars belief: dozens of wrecks. Whatever was on board has fed a creature of unbelievable size and strength!

      We’re giving away 30 Mario Plush Toys over the next 5 days!

      30 Mario Plush Toys to give away over the next 5 days. Yoshi, Luigi, Toad, Koopa Trooper and Mario.

      That’s right, following the popularity of our last competition where we offered a collection of Mario Plush Toys as the prize, we have been able to beg and scrounge more of these cute and cuddly characters from the Mario games.

      After asking our Twitter followers how we could give these goodies away, we decided to choose 30 individual winners to give everyone the best chance of winning possible. We’ll give away 6 toys each day from Saturday 16th October to Wednesday 20th October 2010. We’ll search each days tweets and select 6 winners from whoever is following us and has retweeted the message below that day.

      You can enter each day if you like, and we’ll use a random selector tool to draw entries so you might even win more than once! You have to enter each day though, you’ll only have a chnace of winning if you have tweeted the message on that day.

      This is how to enter the competition:

      Follow @base_com and then tweet or re-tweet the message below, but replace TOYNAME with the name of the toy you would prefer to win (Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi or Koopa Troopa). We can’t guarantee at all that people will get the toy they prefer, but, it at least gives us the chance of giving someone the toy they prefer rather than selecting them completely at random.

      I want to win TOYNAME! Tell me who you want to win? Retweet & Follow to enter. #basecom #mario

      Best of luck to everyone.

      Win 7 Children’s DVDs and 5 Super Mario Plush Toys in our Twitter Kids Collection Competition

      We’re currently giving you the chance to win 7 Children’s DVDs and 5 Super Mario Plush Toys via our Twitter page at

      Win 5 Super Mario Plush Toys in our Kids CompetitionWin 7 DVDs and 5 Super Mario Plush Toys with

      You can win the whole Super Mario team as excellent plush toys, but, help me out. What are the names of the individual characters? Is that Yoshi? What is the mushroom called? Thanks to all for helping me identify the characters!

      • Toad 20cm plush toy
      • Super Mario 25cm plush toy
      • Koopa Troopa 20cm plush toy
      • Luigi 25cm plush toy
      • Yoshi 20cm plush toy

      Also, win 7 children’s DVDs. See the list of DVDs at the end of this post.

      To enter the competition, you need to Follow us on Twitter and Re-tweet one of our recent tweets about the competition. Anyone who is following us and has re-tweeted our competition details by Monday will be entered into the competition to win.

      One person will be the lucky winner and we’ll send all 5 Super Mario Plush Toys and 7 DVDs off to them as quickly as possible.

      This is a great opportunity to get a set of new DVDs to entertain the kids, or, to win some great gifts to give away for Christmas.

      All of the DVDs included in the prize are shown below: