Lennon’s killer up for parole, Beatles fans am cry

So there’s this French girl I like.

She loves The Beatles but I can take ‘em or leave ‘em to be perfectly honest (they’ve got a handful of timeless classics, but the majority of the catalogue is overrated pap if you ask me). I put this opinion across to said French girl (and her friends, who all love The Beatles too).

The group of young Parisians looked puzzled, and eyeballed me as if I was insane. Then my one piped up and pointed out, “yeah, he likes Lady Gaga”, and they were all like, “ah, that explains it”. I think they’re just going through that phase where if it’s not from the 60s it’s just not cool? And if it’s new, then it surely is not.

Then I mentioned how I got to see Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr together in Los Angeles last year (when Microsoft wheeled them out for the Rock Band Beatles unveiling at E3) and that shut them up.

My thorough assessment of the band has also included a look at the 2007 movie Chapter 27, depicting John Lennon’s murder by a clearly bonkers Mark David Chapman. It was a pretty good film none of the girls had heard of but immediately logged onto Base.com to purchase multiple copies.

I only mention all this because Champan’s up for parole this week. He’s been banged up for thirty years now, so they should let him out just to give everyone something to talk about, if you ask me.

Bloody French.

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